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Help paying for Surgery

lmham76 started this conversation

My name is Lisa. I am a 31 year married mother of three. My 3 children all come from my first marriage. I got married when I was just 18 and I had three children back to back, as a result I had my tubes tied. Unfortunately my first husband would not work and I put in 80 hours a week just to keep our heads above water with the bills. I did not get to enjoy my childrens baby years as a result. My children are 12, 11, and 9. I love my children very much and thank God for them every day. I have since gotten divorced and remarried. I also went back to college about 1.5 years ago and got an associates degre in accounting. I worked very hard to maintain a 3.75 average all through school. I am now working in a decent job 40 hours a week. My husband is a local truck driver who also works 40 hours a week. We are desperate to have a child together. The surgery is 6200. This includes all cost associated with the surgery including free fertility treatments afterwards if they are needed. My husband is deeply attatched to my 3 children but would love to have one of his own. I have talked it over with my parents and they are very supportive, but we have no way of paying for the surgery. We have checked in adoption and the fees associated with that are even more than paying for the surgery. I am begging to please make my wish come true. I would do anything to hold another baby in my arms. Anything you can do would help. My email address is Please feel free to ask questions.

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woman in a shoe   in reply to tonyareyes10
U welcome
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tonyareyes10   in reply to woman in a shoe
thank you very much
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woman in a shoe   in reply to tonyareyes10
OK here the information I said I had to get for u. Hill Burton 1-800-638-0742. A few mos ago my husband was I the hospital I seen a sign if u need help paying your bill please see a social worker u may want to do that also and see if they can help u good luck
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woman in a shoe   in reply to tonyareyes10
U welcome
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tonyareyes10   in reply to woman in a shoe
thank you so much for this helpful information.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to tonyareyes10
Hi I just was reading your post one there no cash on this site. 2. For your swelling cut out salt all together. I take care of a lady if she gets any salt she swells also drink a lot of water that also will up u from swelling. For as the hospital bill I got to go on a other site to get u this information where they mite pay it for u
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I come to you today with a very heavy heart. I have been so upset and have cried so much that my head hurts so bad. Posting here is my last hope. I need a life saving surgery to be done. I have severe fluid build up among other medical problems. I am disabled and I have medicare but I have a balance from previous hospital stays and the doctors will not put me on the table to be operated on until I pay my past due balance of $4000. Now i mentioned that this surgery is going to save my life and it is because I am overweight, I have been since I was a child. I will be 32 this month and my weight has put my life in danger. I can not get around, I can't breathe, I have so much fluid that I swell so tight that my skin bruises. My right side of my stomach has so much fluid that it is swollen and it is so much bigger than the left. I can't do everyday tasks or take care of my self hygiene. I have been on diets but the doctor says that the only way to get my weight down enough to be healthy is to have this surgery. I have been through all the steps to get this done and right here at the end I find out about this balance. I have been so depressed. I am on a lot of different medicines and I honestly feel that if I can't get this done, it's going to be the end of my life. I am a wife,a daughter and a friend. No one in my family has the means to help me and I am only 32, I want to live my life healthy and not die because of my health. I just want to live, I just want to live. Heroes, anything that you can afford to donate to this cause will be a blessing to me and my family. No amount is too small. I am going to put up some pictures of my arm and if you need more pictures please pm me and I will take them and send them. Please I pray that I find help.

It's very important.
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My husband and I are struggling just to put food on the table, the ENT said my 16 month old son needs ear tubes. I applied for medicaid and was denied. I also applied for CHIP but it's been three weeks and still no word. He has speech delay and pulls at his ears every day. I don't know what else we can do. The doctor wants 600 up front and the cheapest hospital wants 1500 so that's 2100 all together before they will even touch his ears and it might as well be a million to us. Frustrated and out of options.
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 in response to IamBlunt...   I am a nineteen year old full student facing a histo. Or become parlised its a thirteen thousand dollar surgery I have no insurance no way to pay and can't find any charity hospital or program to help. Yet all of u here judging this woman should be ashamed of yourself. It is no hosts place to judge her for wanting some.thing that's important to her. She is not asking for she asking for advice and to see if anyone who has been in her shoes has an answer of how to they managed. I think that she has a right to ask and just because some of us have life altering issues does not make us anymore deserving than her. This is life altering to her. So everyone needs to get off of the high horse ur on and wake up if not the one in her shoes nor are u any better. It is horrible that a nineteen year old can see this and ur choose not too. I pity u people and hope thay I can grow to accept what is wrong with u and sympathize with other and to the lady on question if u can afford the baby which I think u would not ne wanting one if u could not maybe u can put money up to have the surgery and manage thay way I hope ur dreams come true for u cause i won't be able to have children and would no wish for anyone else to be in those shoes. U are in my thoughts and I pray everything works out for u as for everyone judging judge ur self first if u can put some else down like that u need to look in the mirror and see what u have let itself become because of whatever issue u have. U should not let the issue rule who are. Thanks for reading my thoughts sorry if u.don't like whay o had to say but u will hey over it
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praying for gods help
in am a 44 year old woman with a 6 year old boy.and i need surgery on a not under my chin. that thay dont know what it is.and you wont help having a 4th praying that i will still be hear when my son grad. school
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 in response to IamBlunt...   wow, I am in the same exact, exact position as one of the other posts. I am also 23 with no kids and might be facing infertility, when 4 generations on my mothers side have all had emergency hysterectomies. It has always been my dream to have kids some day so i don't even want to think of the possibility of not being able. I have been having a lot of complications, that even my strong will and stubbornness has been unable to contend with. It has also resulted in loss of employment, as much as I've tried to continue. I lost my last job due to a complication with my endo, when I passed out and was taken to the emergency by my boyfriend but was unable to get a hold of my boss tell after my shift. It was definitely excused by the hospital but after having other incidents with my health at work,they start to find you a risk and frankly a eye sore. I can't afford the care or for surgery to fix my endo and been desperate in finding a way so I can get my health, job and life back. I have always been a hard worker, very active, outgoing and been considered everybody's rock but after years of being prisoner to a body on strike, I feel little more then a ghost to my former self. I still don't feel I have right to call anyone else's problems less then mine though, when it is still felt to that person. I always try to remind myself, specially when I'm ready to throw a why me, pity party, that theres always someone out there far worse off then me. Those stories that make us wonder how we could even think to feel sorry for are selves and give up, they inspire and remind me to have compassion for everyone's needs, specially when you never know when you could end up in their shoes.
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 in response to Cadi...   caddi's
if you go to the childrens hospital in seattle wa or contact them they may be able to help you they do a lot of free surgery and i think its up to age 21
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$6,200? You can rack that kind of bill up in under 30 minutes with an injury requiring an MRI.

If you can't afford such an insignificant sum, you can't afford to pay for a *4th* child.
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 in response to IamBlunt...   She's not looking for a handout, she's seeking options. We all have our own issues and maybe you think she's being greedy because you have a far more pressing issue. If she thinks that this is important, then it is. I'm here seeking options to pay for knee surgery. No, it's not brain surgery, nor am I losing my ability to procreate, but as a 28 year old carpenter, I need my knees to be in top shape at all times, otherwise I am out of a career and have to start over completely.

Maybe not everyone's issues are as pressing as yours, but if it's important to them, then that's all that matters. Good luck with your hysterectomy, and better luck improving your views of other people.
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Yeah, I came across your message whil looking for ways to afford the brain surgery I need, which averages in the tens of thousands of dollars. I'm 17... can I afford brain surgery? I'm trying to get through college at the same time. I don't have money. I'm already in debt. If you find someone willing to give you money to have more children (if you can't afford fertility treatments, how do you expect to afford a child?), forward them to me, because i need my brain surgery to survive.



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you have a baby already! 3 of them! I am facing hysterectomy. I am 23 with no kids. I can't even afford the surgery to fix my stage IV endo or a hysterectomy seeing how they want all the money up front. I am sorry but you are greedy. You should be thankful for what you already have. There are insurance policys that cover fertility treatment. cigna is one of them

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